“It is now time for action. We must seize the opportunities before us. We live in a region where 88 per cent of new entrants into the global middle class, whom are expected to spend US$23 trillion more (US$1=RM3.87) per year by 2030, live here”

Rizal Faris Mohideen
President DPMM
Future Begins Tonite


The Future Begins Tonight marks a new era of unity and action by the Dewan led By DPMM, to galvanize Malaysian Enterprises for be ready for the Future..

The Dewan Coin or D-Coin marks DPPM’s venture into the world of Fintech specifically Blockchain technologies.

The D-Coin is a collaboration between a Malaysian blockchain-preneur and the Dewan to developed its own blockchain token and infrastructure.

This is part of the Dewan Digital Strategy – to digitize or “uberize” the Dewan, making it an economic force in nation building as the country embraces the Industrial Revolution 4.0.

Using the latest blockchain technology, the D-Coin will spearhead not only the development of advanced cryptocurrency, but multiple applications of blockchain technology across the economic landscape.

Under the Dewan Digital Strategy, the Dewan has 3 pillars which is Go Members, Go Digital and Go ASEAN. Other projects under progress include developing the Pasar Digital Malaysia, the E-Wallet Digital Empowerment Program, and the Digital Trade Financing Initiative.


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